💾Open Source Dharma

Open Source Dharma is a newly conceived of open standard & network, whose aim is to encourage the flourishing of a transparent, collaborative, creative, & evolutionary ecosystem of dharma practice.

The Open Source Dharma protocol & meta-network serves as a radical alternative to Proprietary Dharma™️ by making it easier for new forms of dharma to emerge. We do this by creating and maintaining an open protocol standard that incentivizes permission-less innovation, cross-lineage collaboration, and transparent organization around dharma community & practice. Think of it as An Internet of Dharma, which is open to everyone, democratically self-governing, to use Peter Limberg's phrase, is a "wisdom commons."

The Open Source Dharma standard offers a suite of protocols that brings more openness to more aspects of the Sangha activities. Any dharma teacher or community is welcome to join the Open Source Dharma movement by implementing any of these protocols in their communities of practice.

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